Divorce Care for Teens

The Journey: Divorce Through the Eyes of a Teen

Publisher’s Description:

Being a teen is hard enough…

Being a teen whose family is experiencing divorce is even harder.

Getting through life can be difficult at all ages, but dealing with your parents’ divorce as a teen is particularly difficult. Teens have a much harder time both mentally and emotionally with stress and loss. Why is this?

  • Teens’ brains are still developing. The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that holds everything together with logic and reason. This isn’t fully developed until a person reaches their mid-twenties.
  • Teens are going through hormonal changes. This creates not only minor changes in mood but huge mood swings, as well.
  • Teens are experiencing many different feelings and changes for the first time, and they feel them in a more heightened way.

Teens mainly spend their days surrounded by more teens who are just as emotionally unbalanced as they are.

The Journey: Divorce Through the Eyes of a Teen is a small group curriculum designed to lead teens through the journey of recovery from the tragedy of divorce. This curriculum is filled with practical activities and hands-on tools to empower teens to make healthy choices, and the class includes an interactive Student Workbook designed to specifically apply to their own unique family circumstances.

Divorce can have a major impact on families, but it doesn’t have to destroy them. The Journey: offers hope and healing to teens and their families who are going through this difficult and often challenging time. Give your teens the tools they need to fulfill their God-given destiny.

Your parent’s divorce doesn’t have to define your future.

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:00 PM
September 7th – November 30th

*Teens attend free when their parent enrolls in DivorceCare*


*Registration fee is $25 to cover the cost of the workbook. Please bring cash payment to the first class or click Pay Online below.

*Scholarships are available upon request.