What to Expect


You will be greeted with love. So much love. For God. For people. For our city. For you

You’ll hear the sound of chatter and laughter. New Destiny is not just a meeting place, it’s a family gathering. No one goes unnoticed, and we never take ourselves too seriously.

You’ll feel the contagious excitement. We’re overflowing with passion for the cause of Jesus Christ, and it bubbles over in every aspect of our services.

Don’t just take our word for it – join us and check it out for yourself! 


Everyone is invited to participate in our Sunday School classes for spiritual nourishment!

Sunday School classes start at 9:30 AM and run until 10:15 AM.

Destiny Kids    Ages 8 and Under

Destiny Preteens  ⇢ Ages 9-11

Destiny Youth  ⇢ Ages 12-18

Adults    Ages 19+

If you’re not sure which room to head to at start time, please feel free to ask.  We’d be happy to give you the scoop and walk to the room with you!


When classes dismiss, we take a fifteen minute break to say hello to someone new and brush up on refreshments.

Our Sunday Family Worship Service begins at 10:30 AM and averages an hour and half in length. 

We believe in listening to the direction of the Holy Spirit, so not all services look alike. However, we most often adhere to the following:

Our worship team starts us off by leading us into the presence of God. We believe in exuberant praise, and it can take many forms. You may see clapping, hands raised, knees bowed, and other acts of worship. We hold nothing back from our Savior, and invite you to join us at your comfort level!

Following worship, our ministry team will make any important announcements, lead us in a mini meet-and-greet, and take up an offering for anyone who feels led to give.

After this, our Pastor (or a guest speaker) will share the Word with us. We believe that God’s Word is powerful and very much alive, and it is an important part of our service. Sermons can range on topics from life application, to spiritual encouragement, to challenges for personal growth, and so much more. 

Pastor (or the speaker) then invites us to come together as a family and pray with one another while the worship team sings.

To close the service, one of the ministry team members will share a few words and say a prayer of dismissal over those gathered.

We hope you’ll stick around for a bit after the service – we’d love to get to know you!


We start the Tuesday evening Discipleship at 6:30pm and gathered in the sanctuary for praise. Our worship team leads us in a few songs, then Pastor makes any important announcements and directs the youth and kids to their breakout classes (adults remain in the sanctuary).

Destiny Kids  + Preteens (Combined for Tuesdays) ⇢  Ages 11 and Under

Destiny Youth  ⇢ Ages 12-18

Once settled into our classes, Pastor and teachers alike share the Word with us, appropriated to the age group they lead. This special time of instruction deepens our understanding of the Word’s application to our lives today, and empowers us to shine God’s love more radiantly in everything we do!